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Dogging in Sydney is Huge !!

Everyone seems to be dogging these days and it almost seems like there’s more dogging sites popping up online than there are any other type of swingers site - but its leads me to think WHY !!! well normally people build websites to make money and hay! there’s nothing wrong with that let’s face it we all need to put food on the plate - that's OK so long as the site offers good information and you know I really doubt that a lot of these so called "Real Dogging Locations sites " do !!!

"Where can I find dogging locations ? or doggers to meet up for some outdoor sex contacts ?"

You know its a good question, where can YOU find these dogging locations that people seem to be always talking about, well the first place you WON'T find them is online via one of the dogging websites going around well not without paying and even then I have my doubts about the doggers locations they pass on

So where do you find this information out? Easy, most genuine swingers and doggers use a swingers site called RedHotPie, Sydney swingers exchange information on dogging locations in messages boards, webcam chat rooms and profiles where swingers & doggers post locations places where the police are patrolling heavy in fact anything you could need if you want to try dogging

Check out a few dogging photos that have been taken from swingers dogging couples: These are just a few, - We have lots of other dogging photos within members profiles that are free to view - and when we say these are REAL DOGGERS they are, plus most of these contacts are also looking for other dogging couples to meet up.
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